Finnish Oncology Nursing Society

Finnish Oncology Nursing Society started in 1986 to advance the professional knowledge of oncology nurses in Finland. Our society supports professional abilities by organizing national oncology nursing educations and allowing its members to participate in international conferences. The biggest yearly event is a national oncology nursing educational days in Finland. The society organize also local member events.

Stipends and grants

For members, there is opportunity to apply grant for national or international oncology or cancer congress, conferences and educations from our society. Working grant can be applied for nursing science researches concerned on oncology or cancer nursing. The society shares also advisement stipends for travelling and other fees.

Membership benefits

Finnish Oncology Nursing Society publish an own professional quarterly journal.

Also, we offer to our members possibility to one week vacation every year. We have co-operation contract with with Scandic Hotel Vierumäki. We offset 30€ of every staying night in these hotels.